2 thoughts on “Crib, Cross & Communion; thoughts on Franciscan Spirituality as a tool for parish ministry

  1. If the church (as in the laity as well as the priests) were to follow this model I’m sure there would be many more that would like to be part of it. Quite a challenge to put these values at the heart of our lives but perhaps movements in the secular world are getting there faster than Christians?

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  2. Robert, many thanks for this evocative and hopeful reflection. There were so many points at which i felt touched and engaged, but the highlights for me were:
    a) on p 5 setting our personal relationship with God in the context of creation, and in particular
    the challenges of ecology, feminism, ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue, because this
    rescues us from precious churchiness and enables an engagement with wider issues about
    race, justice and culture
    b) on p 7 the view of Francis as prototype rather than archetype, because this accords with an
    understanding of the divinely-given personhood of all human beings and might help us
    avoid an unhelpful dependence.

    What I find difficult is self-abandonment, partly because it is difficult (!) and partly because it seems to cut across the concept of personhood. I think I understand its role in enabling us to have a creative relationship with one another, the world and God; I am simply a little concerned at how easily it can become another version of self-absorption (in this respect a little like the potential outcome of Lenten disciplines, if we take them and ourselves too seriously).

    Looking forward to seeing where you go with all this………..

    Every blessing


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